I spent a solid hour this morning perfecting my keyboard shortcuts. Productivity, at this point, is really more of a feeling than something to measure. I’m sure if I actually measured the amount of time saved by Command + Tab versus using the mouse I would only be saving a few seconds every day. The point of streamlining my computer processes is not the time saved, but the feeling of streamlining. When I can effectively navigate around the applications I’m using, from text to command-line, to browser I feel like I’m a slick cyber-warrior. It’s that feeling that gets me to do more work, work faster and harder, and get shit done. The actual time saved is miniscule and hardly worth noting. It’s all about the cool.

Here’s the ones that I work with mostly:

ctrl + space Quicksilver application launcher

cmd + tab navigate through open applications

cmd + h hide application. I would like a “hide window” option, though I don’t think that exists outside the Minimize option. I only occasionally minimize something I want on in the background. The problem with minimize is I can’t recall the window without mousing over to it in the dock. That said, I just found out you can use the cmd+tab chooser plus the 1 key to choose windows… this is why I write these things, to learn more.

These next two are too similar in form and function. I need to decide if I want to change one of the keystrokes to something different, or to only open new windows and skip tabs altogether.

cmd + ` navigate through windows in application

ctrl + tab navigate through tabs in Chrome + other browsers

cmd +w always closing windows

cmd + n new window

option + arrow  this one seem to not work in some applications, I just can’t figure out which. it’s on the text-level and moves the cursor from word to word.

cmd + arrow simliar to the one above, but moves the end or beggining of  a line.