• Migrate to Hugo

    This is a series of posts inspired by my own reaction to a tweet about not blogging. In this post I’ll migrate my blog to Hugo, which is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while.

  • Switching to Linux

    A tale of failure

  • Advent of Swift

    Like so many of my potential readers I’m participating in this year’s advent of code. This presents me with an opportunity to learn Swift, Apple’s app-oriented language and successor to Objective-C. There are always challenges learning a new language, and I expected those, what surprised me was how far Swift is from my daily drivers: JavaScript and PHP, and my go to “toy” language, Python. (Toy, as in, I almost never finish a Python project, not that the language is a toy).

  • Remove React

    In the face of police violence toward Black Americans I feel mostly helpless and useless. I’m not in the path of police violence; I’m white, employed, and comfortable, and with two kids depending on my income, it’s easy to remain inactive and on the sidelines. While I can state clearly, Black Lives Matter, I didn’t have an obvious means of action.

  • Exploring Closures

    I was inspired by Eric Elliot’s post on closures. He posted on twitter with this super simple example const secret = msg => () => msg;. Here’s the article, as usual I’ll encourage you to read that first: https://medium.com/javascript-scene/master-the-javascript-interview-what-is-a-closure-b2f0d2152b36

  • Finding the best job

    I like my job, but it’s not the best job. And since I deserver the best job it’s time I found it, lucky for me Outside Magazine already did the work and found the best 100 places to work!

  • Methodical versus Systematic

    I recently was assigned a CSS layout problem. As I was working on it I realized I hadn’t done CSS for a while. I also noticed I was thinking in a slightly different manner then when I’m writing PHP or JavaScript. I was thinking systematically about the problem, instead of thinking methodically.

  • Local Overrides in Chrome

    At the beginning of this year Chrome came out with Local Overrides features for Chrome 65. This is related, but distinct from Workspaces, which is a way to save your devtools changes to a local project. While Workspaces seems neat, it’s rare that I’m working on a site whose code isn’t generated by some server-side tool. However, with Local Overrides I can work in the devtools inspector, and still persist those changes between page loads, even if they are separate from the project.

  • Easy Peasy React Cheesy

    Last week on twitter Dan Abramov was highlighting some of the easy ways to get your feet wet with React. I’ve been playing with React for a while, and had heard the idea that one could add React as an individual component, or widget, to an already existing site. This looked like a good opportunity to try it out.

  • Slide 'n Scroll fun

    I was tasked with creating a scroll animation, something that I’ve done before, but in a very ad-hoc fashion. I think the first time I did a “parallax” style scroll I did something like this:

  • Arduino robot build

    I’m a perennial tinkerer, and as such have always been fascinated by Arduino. When I first started using computers I wanted to trigger events in the real world, that wasn’t realized until I purchased an Arduino clone from Sparkfun.

  • Preventing and allowing linebreaks

    This is a trick I figured out when a client wanted to have chevron icon to the right of a block title. However, they didn’t want the chevron to break to it’s own line, unless the title itself broke to the new line. Basically, the chevron need to act like it was part of the last word, and maintain space between itself and that word. Also, the chervon moves to the right on hover.

  • This weird trick to hide your site name

    I took a look at Google’s parent company Alphabet’s  website today. It a clean little one-pager. The thing I noticed was their handling of the logo.

  • SVG’s on a local environment

    This afternoon I was replacing a .png image with an .svg. Working in my local development environment, I started with a simple `<img src=”myicon.svg”>`. It looked like a broken link. Next I went to CSS-Tricks and used the first fall-back technique he lists:

  • Facebook Mess

    This year I noticed that my Facebook had become high-jacked by viral-videos, Upworthy-style misleading article titles and pictures of very small houses. I have a few specific functions I want Facebook to perform for me in this order.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    I spent a solid hour this morning perfecting my keyboard shortcuts. Productivity, at this point, is really more of a feeling than something to measure. I’m sure if I actually measured the amount of time saved by Command + Tab versus using the mouse I would only be saving a few seconds every day. The point of streamlining my computer processes is not the time saved, but the feeling of streamlining. When I can effectively navigate around the applications I’m using, from text to command-line, to browser I feel like I’m a slick cyber-warrior. It’s that feeling that gets me to do more work, work faster and harder, and get shit done. The actual time saved is miniscule and hardly worth noting. It’s all about the cool.

  • Eclecticism

    I have a number of subjects that I’ve been ruminating but haven’t sat down to explore further: custom WordPress themes, our home entertainment set-up, merging all contacts, learning ukulele with a 2 year old, etc. Instead I think I’ll just take a minute to look at how I spend a day.

  • new website using twitter bootstrap

    I recently did  a quick redesign of my work website artbuildcreative.com. I whipped up this design flat in photoshop. Those grey rectangles are thumbnail links to projects.ArtBuildRedesign

  • how not to learn SASS

    I was looking for a bare-bones wordpress theme on which to build a custom site. The “Bones” theme from http://themble.com/bones/ looked great(probably because of the skelton pirate) and it was built using the SASS(syntactically awesome stylesheet) preprocessor. I’ve been meaning to sit down and learn SASS for a while, so I said to myself, “this is a good opportunity to get an introduction.”

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